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Welcome to My DIY World!

My First Project



Welcome to my blog! DIY projects have become a huge part of my life. This is one of my first ever projects. It’s a custom made entertainment unit that contained a sub woofer section, two pull out dvd compartments, a small cabinet space, and three drawers. Each section was made separately and the screwed together. The material used was stock offcut pieces of white HMR and coloured Laminex material. It was made in the space of a couple of days. I like it because of the colours and its unique style. I have since moved and upgraded my entertainment unit (and TV lol). Looking back at this project, I am amazed how far I have come in terms of my creative abilities.

Check out my other  projects and if you would like to learn more about my works, please contact me. Thank you for viewing my blog!

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Raven’s Pen


This is one of my favourite and most recent creations! This is a pen transformation made for Raven, our cross Chihuahua/Pomeranian. I had never built a pen before and didn’t know where to begin. Here is Raven’s first pen.


It was made from a combination of small and larger wire mesh fencing. I also made a mini door for access and used 3mm standard white MDF board for the floor. It was a pretty good first attempt. However, it started to become impractical. The MDF board started to mould, the extension became harder to continuously manoeuvre, and the overall presentation didn’t compliment the rest of the house. So I put my thinking cap on!

I took inspiration from the classic dream of owning a home with a white picket fence. From this idea alone, I knew straight away what I wanted to accomplish! I started out but cutting the fence paling using 9mm standard MDF that would need to be painted white. There were a lot of palings. My partner had painted about 20 and I realised it had taken almost a month to achieve this, so I decided to cut the palings in white HMR.

This is the result.


I purposely positioned some paling crooked to give it that old time effect. I used standard hinges and gate locks to piece it together. For the base, I used 3mm white corflute, as it is plastic and more durable to mould. I also purchased some standard Charcoal Polypropylene Carpet Tiles to make the pen more homey.

It is a much better looking pen that compliments the rest of the home, and is one of my most proudest achievements!

Check out more photos of Raven’s Pen here.





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My Kitchen


This is by far my biggest DIY project ever undertaken.

Where to begin…

It was the first week of December 2015 and I wanted the kitchen installed by Christmas. How crazy was I!?

I was lucky enough that the fridge and pantry cupboards were already built into the adjacent wall and did not require and major renovations.

Working in the building industry manufacturing kitchens, I was able to conjure up enough stock pieces to complete the kitchen.

To complete the kitchen I:

  • Cut and assembled all cabinet carcasses
  • Cut and edged all the doors and external end panels
  • Cut and polished each stone piece (including the sink and cooktop cutouts)
  • Disconnected and reconnected the plumbing and electrical outlets
  • Installed new floating floor and sink

I had an electrician connect and install the cooktop and oven and the glass was made locally.

Main kitchen features include:

All up it took 2 weeks (with many long nights) to complete. My favourite features are the extra storage created with the display cabinet, the waterfall stone edges (that need to be polished onsite), and the addition of a dishwasher (which is located next to the sink on the right that isn’t shown in the photo).

You can check out the sequence of progress photos here

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Bonsai Shelf

A friend of mine sent me this Bonsai Shelf example picture and asked “can you build this?”

bbench-build-20101202.pdf - adobe reader1

I had a look at it and said “I’ve never built one but I’m always up for the challenge!”

Obtaining the desired sizes from my friend and working purely off the picture received, I worked out how much timber I needed to construct the Bonsai shelf. Once I had my cutting list in place, I headed out to Bunnings to purchase some Treated Pine Outdoor Timber. My friend wanted the total length to be 3m x 1.3m high. I knew this would be too big to manoeuvre as one piece, so I decided to make it into 3 separate (1m) sections that could be screwed together.

I used Zenith Treated Pine screws and then bodged the exposing screw heads. This was the result.

Bonsai Shelf

I’m glad I made them the size I did because the only access to my friend’s backyard was through the house. Lucky he had a big front and back door!

This is the final result! As the ground isn’t level, it may appear uneven.


Once completed I found the website where my friend obtained the original photo and it contains a step by step instruction of how to build a Bonsai shelf! Although some paths were different, the result was similar. You can find the instructions here

Check out more pictures of the Bonsai shelf at Flickr

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Batman Lego Shelving

I was given the Batman Arkham Asylum Lego as a present for Christmas. It was so big! I didn’t know where or how to display it! I decided to build a box made from 16mm White HMR particleboard and have pull out shelves to display other Lego sets and a storage box for the extra pieces and manuals. I reused the Batman symbols from a previous project as a handle and decorations. I resprayed a couple of the symbols with a mixture green and purple that resembles the attire worn by the Joker in The Dark Knight movie. All up, it didn’t take long to make at all but I have since received more Lego sets, which has resulted in build a bigger display.


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Batman Themed Coffee Table

I am a huge Batman fan! When I moved out of home and settled into my own apartment, I felt a freedom to create a home that incorporated my own interests, as you saw previously with my first entertainment unit. I decided to create a coffee table with a theme. I have been a fan of Batman since the first Tim Burton Batman movie. To make it, I used 16mm HMR (High Moisture Resistant)white particleboard for the base and 25mm for the top. I individually cut each Batman symbol using 3mm Raw board and a jigsaw, and then sprayed each one with a Matt black finish. I added what was suppose to be four cup holders but instead they were used as small bowls for snacks (peanuts and lollies). I then painted each side with a Villainous theme: The Riddler and The Joker.  The most surprising feature is that the coffee table runs on wheels! I positioned another HMR base in the box that allowed me to attached the wheels that sat with a movement space of 10mm. I have since dismantled Batsy and upgraded my coffee table. However, I did keep the Bat symbols (they took the longest to make!) and have used them in other projects. See if you can spot one in one of my other projects!

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Rosewood Coffee Table

This is a coffee table I made using Rosewood timber. It contains a drawer for remote storage. I used a light stain (as the Rosewood grain in the timber was already dark enough) and sprayed parts individually before final assembly. This original design took about 2 weeks to make.


coffee table 3